UKC ‘PR’ Pink Floyd’s Girl comes from another long line of Champion hunters, and her mother was a Champion of Show dog. Pinky is a ferocious hunter, but she is also an excellent defender of persons and property. This girl is sweet and gentle, but mostly refuses to kiss and shows affection more stoically, but also comedically. Pinky is a nurturer and makes for a superb house dog, but she is also courageous and fearless on the hunt or while playing outside. She handles hail at -15 degrees as well as she handles climbing a ladder to her cushy loft bed at 75 degrees. She’s quirky but obedient, and small in stature but large in presence; Pinky is the smallest of our 8 hounds – some of which weigh 120+ lbs, but she is the queen of the pack, taking on all comers.

“Pinky” will deliver her first litter of puppies, fathered by UKC ‘PR’ Pretty Boy Floyd, in the spring of 2021.