Scarlett is a female UKC Registered Redboon Coonhound Puppy

**We’re Sorry, this Puppy has been Sold**

Quick Facts:

  • 7th Generation UKC Purple Ribbon Bred
  • Champion Hunter Bloodlines 
  • Fiercest & Most Independent of Litter
  • Top Solo Hunter – Needs Little Guidance
  • Cute White Toes
  • All Vaccinations & Multiple Health Exams
  • Excellent Conformation & Disposition
  • Puppy Safe Return Guaranteed

“Scarlett” lives up to the old myth that runts are often the most fierce and capable of any litter; in fact, this puppy blows even those expectations right out of the water.  At just 5 weeks old, Scarlett was handily escaping our multiple layers of fencing (we’ve since trained her to stay put), tracking and pouncing on unsuspecting chickens while the other puppies were still huddled around mom’s teats.  At 6 weeks old, Scarlett proved herself a dedicated and wildly enthusiastic hunter when she tracked, chased, and treed her first raccoon drag.

Although she’s smaller than the other puppies, Scarlett is so confident and fearless that she’s often the first to get to a tree and attack the drag. The male next to her in this photo is twice her size, yet she’s pushed him and her sister to the side and is about to get a nice mouthful of ‘coon tail.

By far the most independent puppy in her litter, this pup makes a strong candidate to run game by herself, or to simply prowl your home and protect your family, or both.  Scarlett is a sweet puppy that relishes in human attention, but she is reserved enough that she doesn’t need attention, unlike some of her littermates.   NOTE: Scarlett’s mother, the Dam of this litter, ‘PR’ Rosie the Cozy, was also the runt of her litter, and she turned out to be more than 80 lbs of fearless hunter and lover. 

Don’t let her cuteness fool you; this is one intelligent and confident pup.

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