Rooky is a Registered 7th-Generation UKC Purple Ribbon Redbone Coonhound Pup

**We’re Sorry, this Puppy has been Sold**

Quick Facts:

  • Best Male Hunter of the Litter
  • Most Active Pup of Litter
  • Large Pup, will Reach 100+ lbs
  • Sweet and Playful Disposition 
  • Has Twin Brother, Crooky>>> Available Together at a Discount
  • Aggressively Pursues & Trees Raccoon and Bear Drags
  • All Vaccinations & Multiple Health Exams
  • Puppy Safe Return Guaranteed

**Rooky Went to his New Home on August 9**

Rooky has asthounded us with his enthusiastic pursuit of raccoon and bear drags, showing extreme aggression toward the drags, yet remaining sweet and cuddly with us here on the farm.  His behavior and easy-to-train disposition will make him a superior hunter individually and in teams or packs, and his larger size makes his a strong candidate for hunting of substantial game like bears, boars, and large cats.

Rooky and his brother Crooky are both aggressive, obedient hunters, and share the same “crook” at the end of their tails.

Rooky gets along well with his siblings and with humans, but he sees most animals as prey; chickens and rabbits are fair game to him, and we’ve had to pull birds out of his mouth on a couple of occasions.  He is quite intelligent, so this can be trained out of him, but it’s a testament to his deep-seated desire to track and hunt.  This pup is good friends with our small Nigerian goats, and has been housed with them without problem.

Rooky has been highly socialized, and undergone extensive desensitization training. Here he’s getting snuggled by Stella Hudson, 8 years old.

In addition to training on the bear and raccoon drags, Rooky has been socialized with humans and other dogs since the day he was born.  We’ve worked with him on desensitization issues by brushing his teeth, handling him when eating and drinking, exposure to loud sounds, touching his feet and nails, cleaning his ears, etc.  This means that Rooky will make for a well-adjusted pet or companion as readily as he will an adept hunter, keeping in mind his high energy levels.

This pup will attempt to track and pursue virtually any game…including people! 😉

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