PR Seven the Red Redbone Coonhound SIre

‘PR’ Seven the Red, UKC registry #W501,488

“Seven the Red” is a UKC-registered, 7th-Generation Purple-Ribbon bred Redbone Coonhound Sire that comes from a line of 15 champions in just 6 generations (see end of post for pedigree).  Seven was born in May of 2017 – his daddy, “Deeks,” is a locally-known bear hunter.  This lineage was bred over many generations to be a bit bigger than the standard “show” qualifications for a Redbone.  This was carefully done to develop a more robust Redbone capable of handling bears and large cats, even when working in small teams.  Seven weighs 120lbs +/-.

Seven is one of the smartest and most intuitive dogs we’ve ever known.  Couple that with his gentle, sweet disposition, and he’s become my personal favorite dog – and I have raised many in my life.  Seven understands the difference between farm animals and prey – he has been trained to and naturally will leave farm animals alone, while enthusiastically pursuing a variety of game.  Once, I heard crying from out in the barn, and Seven was nowhere to be found.  I discovered him behind the door of the barn, sitting quietly directly next to a porcupine that had wandered in to munch on the walls.  He somehow knew not to touch this creature.  I can’t say the same for other Redbones, unfortunately.  Seven has tracked and treed raccoon, coursed deer, and has been trained on bear.

Seven is a very large Redbone at around 115 – 120 lbs, but he’s also the most gentle, intelligent, and sweetest big boy we’ve ever met.

At home, Seven is quiet, goofy, and sleepy.  He’s a sweet boy who needs a fair amount of cuddling and attention, and he has always received it.  Although our dogs work hard on the farm and in the field, they come in the house to sleep in warm and cozy beds every night, and, because we work from home, we are with our dogs nearly 24 hours per day.  This dog has never chewed or destroyed anything in his life, and was potty trained almost immediately.

Seven came to us at 8 weeks old in excellent health, and has remained this way his entire life.  We waited until he was 2 years old to breed him, to be sure there weren’t any health or psychological problems that don’t show up early in a dog’s life.  We do not breed large-breed dogs until they are at least 2 years old to be sure that we have ample time to evaluate them medically and psychologically.

An amazing sire to a magnificent set of pups, Seven is impressive in nearly every capacity.  Seven has had access to his puppies since the day they were born, and has proven himself an excellent father, taking over the care of the pups when the Dam is absent or sleeping, and playing with and caring for them all day.  It’s heartwarming and very cute, but most importantly, this ensures that our puppies will be highly socialized by the time they are ready to go to their new homes.

Seven looks, moves, fathers, and behaves like a Champion.