Redbone Coonhound Litter #1 – Ready August 1

Our beloved Dam, ‘PR’ (Purple Ribbon) Rosie the Cozy, UKC registry #W501,508 gave birth to a litter of 9 healthy puppies (4 males and 5 females) on June 1, 2019.   The Sire, ‘PR’ Seven the Red, UKC registry #W501,488, attended the birth and has had nearly full access to the puppies since Week 1.

With zero health problems or complications, this is a extremely robust litter of smart, sweet, gentle, and very eager to please Redbone pups.  Each puppy has passed repeated exams and health checks with nothing to report other than good health.

Dam and puppies were kept in a secure barn until about 4 weeks of age, when they began to explore a large fenced and fully protected area outside.  Puppies have been socialized extensively with other dogs and children, and have been trained to ignore farm animals like goats and chickens.

All puppies have been started on raccoon and bear, and show strong aptitude for scent hunting.  We used full-hide drags of raccoon and partial hide drags of bear for this purpose.  All of the puppies have sweet little voices and are ready to continue training with their new owners.

This litter nursed until about 5 weeks of age, when we began adding organic eggs, meats and fats, fresh veggies and fruits, and Fromm Gold puppy food.

Puppies suckled from the Dam until week 4 and needed no supplementation of any kind.  At this time, we started introducing hand-prepared softened foods.  By week 5 we added Fromm Gold Puppy food, blended with whole meats and select fats, raw organic eggs, fruits, vegetables, and rice.  At week 6 we stop softening the food, and add more eggs and meat to the kibble mix.  Scraps of leftover fruits, vegetables, and some cuts of meat and fat are fed for a “snack” time, at least once per day, in addition to regular feeding.

Puppies were first wormed at 4 weeks despite no obvious signs of worms, and have been wormed several times again since then.  The Dam and all adult dogs on the premises have been wormed regularly during this time, and are up-to-date on all vaccinations and veterinary care.  Extensive health checks and full examinations were carried out starting at 4 weeks, and once per week thereafter.  Exams include heart check, conformation check, internal palpation, eye check, teeth cleaning, ear cleaning, skin and coat check, etc.  Puppies received DHLPP vaccinations around 7 weeks of age.

For this litter we applied for and received the State of Maine Animal Vendor License, #V2019112FR.  In Maine, a Temporary Vendor license is issued when the breeder has less than 5 adult breeding animals on the premises, and/or only produces one or two litter per year.  We only produce 1 litter per Dam per year, as we are passionate about the well-being of our dogs.

Breeder Vendor License for State of Maine

For those who only have 1-2 litters per year, a temporary vendor license is required in Maine.