‘PR’ Rosie the Cozy, UKC registry #W501,508

‘PR’ Rosie the Cozy is a UKC registered, 7th Generation Purple Ribbon Bred Redbone Coonhound, born in June of 2017.  Rosie was bred from a long line of 18 Champions over just 6 generations (see end of post for pedigree), and has herself been worked on raccoon, bear, and deer.

Rosie is not a very independent dog and will likely not hunt on her own without additional training.  However, in pairs and in a pack setting, this sporty little girl will aggressively and intelligently track, chase, tree, and bay a variety of game, including deer.  Rosie has a sweet voice and the ability to sustain it for many hours.

Rosie has spent lots of time in the woods, from Maine all the way to Georgia, and she’s game to chase game any where, any time.

This Dam’s lack of independence means that she is fiercely loyal and dedicated to her family, acting as an early warning system, protector, and scout for game.  In the right setting, she would make an excellent kill dog.  However, Rosie is also very sweet and a little needy; to her, affection is the greatest reward (after snacks).

Rosie’s conformation and general disposition is the epitome of what a Redbone Coonhound should be.  Her color is deep, her form well-balanced, vocalizations clear, and overall she’s a beautiful representation of the breed.  The only reason Rosie isn’t titled is because we’ve simply not had the time to hunt or event at that level.  However, we will seek to title at least one pup from her June 2019 litter.

Rosie is a Superior Dam, whelping 9 pups with no health complications, and doting on their every move since birth.  We’ve worked with her and her puppies every day for nearly two months to ensure that Rosie helps us develop well-adjusted pups.  This lovely Dam is everything a “good girl” should be, and she’s 100% Red to the Bone.

The author providing veterinary care to Rosie’s pups in July, 2019. Rosie enjoys being present when her puppies are being handled.