Breed Preservation & Responsible Breeding

  • All sires and dams must be at least 2 years old
  • Dams only have one litter each year, and a total of just 4-5 litters in their lifetime
  • Only UKC Purple Ribbon Redbone and Black & Tan Coonhounds are included in our restricted breeding program

Nutrition for Coonhounds

Our dogs eat mostly fresh meats, fat, offal, organic eggs, vegetables, fruits, and limited dog food.  Our puppy litters are fed Fromm puppy food mixed with fresh eggs, meats, vegetables, and fruits from the time they are 5 weeks old.

Training & Socialization for Coonhounds

Coonhounds are extremely sensitive, headstrong animals.  After all, we require these dogs to think on their own, tracking prey on-the-fly, backtracking and crossing switch-backs, then braying for sometimes hours while hunters catch up with their light-footed dogs.  Too many people want the independent, free-thinking nature of the Coonhound, but don’t realize that this comes at the cost of intensive training, and copious regular exercise of the breed.

Hunters, Show Dogs, & Pets

Even with Champion-level Dams and Sires, not every puppy is a show dog, and not every puppy is a hunter.  Some can be both.  Some are neither and make excellent pets.  We strive primarily to preserve the hunting lines and instincts of these dogs, while working to educate people on the

Police and military work, cancer detection, airport security, missing person tracking, etc.