Forest is the epitome of what a Redbone Coonhound should be.

**We’re Sorry, this Puppy has been Sold**

Quick Facts:

  • 7th Generation UKC Purple Ribbon Bred
  • Champion Hunting Bloodlines
  • Superior Hunting Skills & Aptitude 
  • Excellent Conformation & Coloring 
  • Obvious Intelligence & Trainability
  • Started on Raccoon and Bear
  • All Vaccinations & Multiple Health Exams
  • Highly Socialized & Desensitized
  • Puppy Safe Return Guaranteed

We had already selected Forest as the female pick-of-the-litter because of her early near-perfect conformation and excellent disposition, but the first time we put her on the raccoon drag, she shocked us with her drive, fierceness, tenacity, and enthusiasm.  This pup has the strongest innate hunting skills of any we’ve seen.

Forest tracks, chases, and trees the raccoon and bear drags more aggressively than any of the other pups in her litter.

Forest is smart and sweet, and is generally the most gentle of the puppies.  Her sister, “Purpie,” is very similar, and they can often be found together on the farm, sleeping or playing.  An alert and observant pup, Forest is bound to become a champion at whatever she does.

An extremely alert puppy, Forest is aware of what’s happening around her long before the other puppies.

Accustomed to farm life since birth, Forest seems to have an early understanding of the difference between farm animals like chickens, rabbits, and goats, and prey animals like bears and raccoons.  This makes her an excellent choice as a multi-purpose working canine, while keeping in mind that we’ve accustomed her to a cozy environment, constant socialization, top-quality food and veterinary care, and lots of kisses, hugs, and snuggle time.

Forest tracking the raccoon drag.

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