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Quick Facts:

  • 7th Generation UKC Purple Ribbon Bred 
  • Champion Hunter Bloodlines
  • Started on Bear and Raccoon 
  • Large Male, will Reach 100+ lbs
  • Highly Socialized & Desensitized 
  • All Vaccinations, Multiple Health Checks
  • Brother to “Rooky,” >>> Available as a Pair for a Discount
  • Puppy Safe Return Guaranteed

Crooky is a large, UKC registered, Purple Ribbon bred male Redbone Coonhound pup ready to tackle big game, or your couch.  With beautiful conformation except for a unique crook at the end of his tail, Crooky has a twin brother Rooky – the most aggressive hunter of the group.

Crooky happily trees and attacks the raccoon drag, sustaining his focus on training for nearly 1-hour segments.

Crooky is a cuddly little fellow; he’s sensitive but energetic and likes to snuggle up as much as he likes to chase the training drags or his siblings.  A large male, Crooky is expected to weigh more than 100lbs, making him an excellent candidate for game like large cats, bears, and hogs.  His size also makes him an good candidate for an XXL dogbed.

Crooky and his namesake; a little “crook” at the end of his tail.

To create a dynamic team for hunting or “housing” purposes, Crooky and his brother Rooky are available together at a discount:

Crooky and Rooky. Both of these pups have small crooks in the end of their tails and appear to be twins. We call them The Crook Brothers.

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