We love ALL of our dogs. Before you receive your new puppy from us, we’ve already loved them from the moment they were born. We know them personally and develop individual relationships with each of them; we give them real names and talk to and about them as the separate unique beings they are. We consider our dogs family, which means that they will always have a home here with us.

If your life changes in a way that no longer fits with the best care for a Coonhound, you can rest easy knowing that you can always return the puppy or dog to us. Whether it’s an 8 month old pup or an 8 year old senior, they can come back to our home and we’ll do whatever is necessary to make them feel comfortable and loved.

Please understand that this doesn’t mean we’ll refund the money you paid for your puppy, but it does mean that we’ll take care of them in the event that you can’t anymore. It doesn’t mean that we condone irresponsible dog ownership, but it does mean that we understand that sometimes, things happen that require people to come together to rehome an animal. The safety net we offer is instantaneous and everlasting; just call, write, email, text, or message us on social media, and we will immediately move to help get the dog what it needs.

We hope this never happens, and that you and your coonie pup have a lifetime of friendship, adventure, and love.