Purpie is an excellent example of the Redbone Coonhound both physically and behaviorally.

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Quick Facts:

  • 7th Generation UKC Purple Ribbon Bred 
  • Champion Hunting Bloodlines
  • Excellent Conformation & Disposition
  • Show, Hunt, Field, Track Quality
  • Started on Raccoon and Bear
  • Strong Hunting Drive
  • Highly Socialized & Desensitized
  • All Vaccinations & Multiple Health Exams
  • Puppy Safe Return Guaranteed

Purpie is a UKC registered female Redbone Coonhound pup of the deep red variety preferred by most in the Southern part of the United States, where this breed’s numbers are strong.  With superior conformation and a relaxed, obedient disposition, Purpie will be well-suited for virtually any purpose.

This sweet little pup was caught demonstrating her nearly perfect conformation.

Started on raccoon and bear at just 6 weeks old, Purpie attacks the drags with vigor, but she is mostly a team player and will need more individualized training to run by herself.  As aggressive as the top male pups from her litter, this little girl will be treeing coons like a veteran long before her first birthday.

Purpie is a team player when it comes to tracking and chasing the raccoon drag, but when it comes to the tree, she pushes her littermates out of the way to dominate the best position.

Like all of our pups, Purpie has been highly socialized and desensitized, and will readily adapt to your home.  She’s been raised with farm animals and children, and has a relaxed and gentle disposition .  Her sister, Forest, is very similar, though with an even stronger hunting drive.  Both pups represent the breed well and are available as a pair for a discounted price.

Purpie’s conformation and disposition represent the Redbone Coonhound breed well.

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